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      • Description 
         Brake Pad 
        Rear Axle
        Brake System:TKO
        Width: 105.54 mm
        Height: 43 mm
        Thickness: 15.9 mm 
      Brake Pad:44060-4U092
      Model Engine Chassis Type CYL year
      NISSAN MAXIMA Station Wagon   10/97 - / 


      廠商 號碼 號碼 廠商 號碼 號碼
      AISHIN AS-N448M ASN448M OE 44060-6Y390 440606Y390
      AK A-669WK A669WK OE 44060-6Y391 440606Y391
      AK AN-669WK AN669WK OE 44060-AU090 44060AU090
      BENDIX DB1493 DB1493 OE 44060-AU091 44060AU091
      F.B.L AFP470S AFP470S OE AY060-NS028 AY060NS028
      FBK AF1239M AF1239M OE AY060-NS033 AY060NS033
      FMSI 7777-D900 7777D900 OE AY060-NS037 AY060NS037
      FMSI D900 D900 SB SP1163 SP1163
      FMSI D900-7777 D9007777 SUMITOMO SN594P SN594P
      HITACHI NDP-374C NDP374C TACTI V9118N072 V9118N072
      ICER 181667 181667 TOKAI MN-389M MN389M
      MINTEX MDB2290 MDB2290 TOKIKO TN618M TN618M
      MK D1239M D1239M TRW GDB7184 GDB7184
      MTP-GROUP CD1239M CD1239M WVA 24039 24039
      NBK PF-2467 PF2467 WVA 24040 24040
      OE 44060-4U092 440604U092 WVA 24041 24041
      • Recommends every 5,000 km check Brake System
        ensure the normal operation of the braking system
      • Front brakes recommendations within 3-5 km replacement, or partial wear occurs case
      • Rear brakes is recommended to replace within 5-7 km
      • Replace the Disc brake when follow situation happen:
      • 1.Sensor alarm;
      • 2.Friction materials thickness less than 3mm;
      • 3.Friction materials becomes contaminated with brake fluid;
      • 4.Uneven wear within a set;
      • Replace the brake rote when follow situation happen:
      • 1.Vibrate when braking;
      • 2.Car vehicle performance more than 60000Km and braking unstable;
      • 3.Disc brake thickness wear more than 2mm;